We have all been in a bind at some time - missed a turn, went down the wrong road... anything could happen. The difference between a successful driver and an epic failure is knowing how to handle the situation.

The internet is full of videos showing epic failures of truck driving. The most common mistake is simply not stopping, looking at the situation, and thinking. These drivers rarely get out of their truck until it's too late. When you get into a bind, always get out and look! Get a perspective of your situation and make a plan. Stop, Look, Think!

A simple mistake can quickly become an epic failure if you fail to stop, look, and think. In watching many of these videos, you will find yourself wanting to tell the driver what he needs to do - and it's usually something simple! But, you have a different perspective than the driver, you are looking at it from the outside... which is all the driver needed to do.

Most drivers know the acronym G.O.A.L. - Get Out And Look. However, many drivers are often in a hurry and don't want to take the time to get out, or sometimes they just don't want their peers to think they don't know what they're doing. Well, after an epic failure, that point is moot! Stop, get out and look, and think - and be the successful driver!