Inspecting Your Load - Pickup and Delivery

Every unit, every load must be inspected prior to loading and then again after unloading. Always check the VIN to make sure you have the correct units. Look for any damage - including any little nick or scratch - and note it on your Bill of Lading and/or Inspection Sheet and have it signed off by the shipper.

Prior to loading, pay attention to the dimensions of the unit - will it put you over-sized? You need to be aware of this before you attempt to load it.

When picking up vehicles, assume that they should be running, drivable vehicles unless otherwise stated in your load assignment. If it's not, you need to call the Avery Transport office BEFORE you attempt to load it. Once you start loading a unit, you have accepted the load! If there is any question about the load, call the Avery Transport office FIRST.

Don't forget to check your VIN!